How evidence-based policymaking can help Nepal control air pollution

Air pollution is a silent, yet pervasive threat to human health, and its impact is felt acutely in regions like

In Nepal, why has implementing the diplomatic code of conduct become a tough job?

Kathmandu: Narayan Kaji Shrestha wears many hats. He is the leader from the ruling Maoist Center and he currently serves

Impact of economic tourism policies on local communities

Economic tourism policies, designed to attract visitors and boost local economies, are a double-edged sword. On one side, they can

Techno-Medusa: A modern myth for the posthuman era

The global push to grant artificial intelligence citizenship is gaining traction, proposing that AI should be endowed with rights to

Neprican voice: Love, life, nostalgia and the pursuit of an American dream

I just love the word Neprican. It perfectly describes my state of being even though it is a word that

‘We are committed to making Kapurkot Rural Municipality a well-governed local government:’ Durga Bahadur Pun, Chairperson 

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Kathmandu: Durga Bahadur Pun is the Chairperson of Kapurkot Rural Municipality in Salyan. He entered

‘No country survives without people. So, everything we do should be for people’s happiness’

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Kathmandu: Sher Bahadur Shahi, 58, is the Chairperson of Shivalaya Rural Municipality of Jajarkot district.

Interview | Nepal is our home. When we want to return, don’t make us feel like second-class citizens.

Monica Lohani

Kathmandu: Portugal is one of the major destinations in Europe with a large number of

The man who was exiled from his home country and became a refugee in Nepal is now a leading entrepreneur in the United States

Arjun Pradhan

Nebraska: Bhim Gurung, a leading Bhutanese entrepreneur in the United States, has a story that

Five questions to nursing registrar on International Nurses Day

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Kathmandu: International Nurses Day is being celebrated around the world today, marking the anniversary of

Interview | Local governments must evolve as effective, and accountable institutions: Devendra Brahma, Deputy Mayor, Pyuthan Municipality

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Kathmandu: Until the 2022 local elections, Devendra Brahma had a different identity. He was known

Interview | What is hindering Nepal’s transitional justice process? What can be the way forward?

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Kathmandu: Eighteen years after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which paved the way for ending