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28 people killed due to monsoon induced disasters so far

Kathmandu:  With the beginning of the monsoon in the country, as many as 28 people have lost their lives, one has gone missing, while 25 others have been injured due to monsoon-induced disasters. 

In today’s meeting of the National Assembly, the Minister of Labor, Employment, and Social Security Dol Prasad Aryal, while responding to the questions raised during the discussion under the Appropriation Bill, 2081, said that 46 houses were completely damaged and 36 houses were partially damaged due to the monsoon disaster. 

Minister Aryal informed the upper house of the Federal Parliament about the loss details, responding on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane.

Presenting the details of the monsoon disasters so far in the current fiscal year, he informed that 24 people died from landslides, 19 people were injured whereas four people died from floods, one person went missing and two people were injured. Four people were injured due to heavy rain. In 93 incidents of lightning, 19 people died and 35 were injured.

Minister Aryal informed that 32 districts have been affected by lightning so far. One hundred and seventy-one quadrupeds have died from all the disasters. He further informed that the Monsoon Preparedness and Response National Action Plan, 2081 has been prepared and implemented for disaster management. He informed me that after assessing the risks that may occur due to monsoon disasters, organizational responsibilities have been assigned in various areas to protect vulnerable areas.

Giving information that preparations have been made under the convenorship of the District Disaster Management Committee chaired by the Chief District Officer, he said that according to the Monsoon Preparedness and Response National Action Plan prepared in collaboration with the relevant agencies, a program is being carried out to protect people from disasters by setting up a ‘command post’.

According to him, Rs 500 thousand have been given to the family of the deceased from the district disaster management fund, Rs 300 thousand received from the state government, and daily consumables including rice, pulses, oil, sugar, and soap have been provided. 

In addition, Rs 15,000, tents, blankets, and utensils were immediately provided to the family of the deceased, he shared.