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I want to spread happiness and optimism: Aaina Gajurel

Building knowledge, skill and self-confidence is very important for empowerment of women.

Aaina Gajurel is the first runner up of Mrs Nepal 2023 organized by Ribbon Entertainment. A mother to a beautiful son, Aaina believes that her child taught her the value of love and patience. 

She is enthusiastic about exploring new things and new places. “I enjoy meeting people and visiting different places,” she says. Recently, Monica Lohani of The DMN News spoke to her journey to the beauty pageant and other issues. Excerpts:

Journey to Mrs Nepal World

I chose to embark on my journey to Mrs Nepal World because I believe it’s an incredible platform to represent not only the beauty and grace of Nepali women but also to advocate for important causes close to my heart. As a woman, I am passionate about empowering others, promoting cultural diversity, and making a positive impact in my community. Through this journey, I tried to inspire and uplift others while embracing my own identity and values as a Nepali woman

Positive role modeling

Participation in Mrs Nepal World provides a unique opportunity to challenge and debunk stereotypes surrounding beauty. By showcasing diverse qualities, talents, and accomplishments, contestants can redefine beauty beyond superficial standards.

I believe that Nepali women still face various challenges with regard to their work and portrayal. Major issues include but are not limited to gender inequality, and work-life imbalance. Further, many women across the country are still subjected to domestic violence. After taking part in the pageant, I developed the confidence that I can contribute in minimizing potential harms to women by spreading awareness about women’s rights issues in Nepal. To realize the goal, I should constantly be providing relevant information and resources to empower women. Similarly, we need to advocate for policies and programs to promote gender equality. 

At this point of time, women’s mental well-being is one of the key issues. Awareness on mental health would be something I would advocate for.

Act of self reflection

I still see myself as my own role model because I’ve overcome a lot in life and feel like I’ve always improved.

Our perspective and goals are very important. Personally, I often talk about skills, knowledge and confidence. Skills may help us complete tasks, knowledge can lead the way, confidence can empower us, and attitudes can influence how we interact with people and our experiences in life. Each makes a special contribution to living a happy life.

Spread happiness

I want to spread happiness and optimism as I am a positive and fun-loving person. By encouraging and motivating people, I hope to have a positive impact on society, whether it is by sharing information, or just making someone’s day happier.