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‘Palette and Prose’ Event Illuminates Nepali Art, Culture, and Literature in London

London: The vibrant tapestry of Nepali art, culture, and literature took center stage at the ‘Palette and Prose’ event, which commenced at the Universal Peace Federation HQ in London on 16 April 2024.

The event showcased the captivating artworks of artists P. Singh and Rhoslyn Singh, alongside the launch of ‘Rose’s Odyssey’, a collection of short stories penned by Sangita Swechcha.

Graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Deputy Mayor Cllr Jit Ranabhat from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the inaugural ceremony resonated with praise for its dedication to promoting Nepali creativity on the vibrant canvas of London. Deputy Mayor Ranabhat lauded the event’s commitment to celebrating Nepali heritage, remarking, “The art capturing Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes and the literary tapestry of Nepal evoke fond memories of the country.”

Margaret Ali and the General Secretary of Universal Peace Federation UK expressed their delight in providing a platform to showcase Nepali art and literature, underscoring the significance of fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Artists P. Singh and Rhoslyn Singh, whose mesmerizing creations breathe life into Nepal’s diverse landscapes and architectural wonders, shared their joy in showcasing their works to an international audience. Their paintings, ranging from photo realistic depictions to evocative wildlife portraits, captivated attendees with their rich narratives.

During the event, ‘Rose’s Odyssey’, a collection of short stories by Sangita Swechcha, was launched jointly by Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation UK Robin Marsh, Writer Dr. Rupak Shresha, Palestinian poet ShahdMahnavi, Writer Dr. Sian Harris, and International TV broadcaster Ian Pelham Turner who also spoke about ‘Rose’s Odyssey’. Speaking at the event, the speakers praised ‘Rose’s Odyssey’ for its unique storytelling style, capturing narratives rooted in both Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. Sangita Swechcha expressed her gratitude, stating, “It is my honour to have such diverse speakers offer their interesting and encouraging perspectives on my book.”

Conceived as a celebration of Nepali art and literature, the ‘Palette and Prose’ event was hailed as a resounding success by LokendraDhakal, Executive Director of the Centre for Nepalese Studies UK (CNSUK). Dhakal commended the event for its innovative fusion of art and literature, applauding its role in showcasing Nepal’s vibrant cultural heritage to a global audience.

The exhibition and book signing will continue to enchant visitors from 16 to 18 April 2024, inviting all to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Nepali creativity.