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Four books that inspired me 

Photo: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

I am trying to focus on reading extra books beyond my school curriculum. Initially, it was hard to divert my attention from my mobile phone to books, but I am gradually developing a love for them, and it’s working. Here is a summary of four books that I recently read and found inspiring:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Being awarded as the #1 personal finance book of all time for 25 long years, Rich Dad Poor Dad has been the financially mandatory book to youngsters and learners. This book as described by the writer Robert T. Kiyosaki himself is a starting point for anyone looking to gain control of their financial future. This book may only be the book that provides nine different study sessions upon completing each chapter inclusive of 1 or 2 topics within and also a mixed session after finishing out all the knowledge given by the book. As given in the topic the story inside the book flows between 3 characters, one a child and two fathers belonging to different economic status giving advices to the child of the author as he grows old for a better finical life. To conclude this book truly focuses on what the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not being a must to anyone wanting finical freedom. 

Atomic Habit

Reading self-help books and implementing each step into our life is just a regular day or has been a tradition for youngster now a days. Likewise, the international best seller of James clear’s Atomic Habit serves such purpose to fulfil one’ life with minute changes and manipulation of habits/. It is a practical and insightful guide for building and maintaining positive habits. Clear’s writing style is engaging and easy to understand making it accessible to a wide audience and also this book has been particularly design so that a reasonable two-minute read is also impactful due to the presence of chapter summaries scattered around the book. Overall Atomic Habits is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their habits and achieve their goals.  


The Theory of Everything

Physics and Astronomy together unite to make the most engaging study throughout the branches of science. Likewise, this field had revolutionized the life of a man, Stephen W. Hawking. His eager and curious personality helped uncover such deep dark truth of the Universe enlisted also in his book, the Theory of Everything. This masterpiece gradually describes the origin and fate of the universe from the happenings of big bang to blackholes and neither the less al last the author has described how we are trying to find a unified theory that will include quantum mechanics, gravity and all the other interactions of Physics. At last Science creeps and learners can get a huge Knowledge boost while reading this book.

The God Equation

The scientific topic itself never ends, every point and fact of science can be published everywhere but it will always remain incomplete. Sharing the purpose of giving scientific Knowledge as a form of hardcopy paper, The God Equation remains an update book uncovering Secrets of the astrological universe. This book is Specifically dedicated to find the one and only theory, The final theory A single framework that would unite all the forces of the cosmos and choreograph everything from the motion of the expanding Universe to the most minute dance of subatomic particles, the challenges to write an equation whole mathematical elegance would encompass the whole Physics. Michio Kaku divided and ongoingly summarized the facts of 7 chapters ending with a short notice of if we find the answer to that it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason for then we would know the mind of God leaving the search incomplete.

Bishes Baral is a Grade VIII student at Motherland Higher Secondary School in Pokhara.