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‘Despite provisions of equality, many women still encounter discrimination in education and employment. This situation must end.’

Srijana KC is Mrs Nepal International 2023. A professional banker, KC is a proud mother of two  and a passionate advocate for motherhood. She holds a belief that everything happens for a reason, and strives to inspire and empower mothers to excel both at home and in their careers. 

What made you choose your journey to the Mrs Nepal World ?   

Firstly, it was a dream of mine to participate in such a pageant. Secondly, after having my second baby I faced mental challenges and saw this platform as a way to recover and step out of my comfort zone as a mom. Lastly, I believe that nothing should stop a mother from pursuing her career, passion and dreams. I wanted to inspire others to start anything they aspire to, no matter their circumstances.

Participants of Mrs Nepal world are supposed to debunk the myths and stereotypes surrounding the established notion of beauty and be an effective change maker.What’s your take ?

As a participant of Mrs Nepal World, I believe it’s crucial to debunk myths and stereotypes about beauty. True beauty is not just about appearance, it encompasses strength, resilience and tenacity. My journey is about showcasing that beauty comes in many forms especially in the role of a mother and professional. By breaking these stereotypes, I aim to be an effective change maker, inspiring others to embrace their unique qualities and pursue their dreams without limitations. 

In your opinion, what are the three main challenges that Nepali women have been facing ?

First is gender inequality. Despite legal provisions, many women still encounter discrimination in education and employment. Cultural norms often prioritize male roles, limiting women’s opportunities.  Second challenge is related to educational barriers. Although progress has been made, girls and women in Nepal still face significant barriers to education such as poverty, cultural norms and inadequate school facilities, especially in rural areas. This limits their opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Third, economic dependence is a big constraint. Many women are economically dependent on male family members due to limited job opportunities, wage disparity and insufficient support for female entrepreneurs. This dependence can limit their ability to make independent life choices. 

What role will you play to change the situation of Nepali women ?

As Mrs Nepal International 2023, I will use my platform to advocate for women’s rights, raise awareness about gender inequality and promote access to education and healthcare. I will support initiatives that help women achieve economic independence and protect victims of violence and encourage women to take on leadership roles, ensuring their voices are heard in decision making processes. 

How do you define women empowerment?

For me, women empowerment means giving women control over their lives, equal access to opportunities and the ability to make their own choices. It includes economic independence, education, political participation, protection from violence and equal legal rights. Empowerment enables women to thrive and shape their communities and society.

How do you contribute to society?

I aspire to contribute to all women, especially mothers, by promoting empowerment and support networks. I aim to inspire confidence in balancing motherhood with personal goals and career aspirants. Through advocacy, mentorship and community initiatives. I seek to create a supportive environment where every woman feels valued and becomes capable of achieving her dreams while navigating the challenges of motherhood.