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11th BNCA Summit held in Baltimore concludes

Baltimore: The 11th Summit of the Bhutanese Nepalese Christian Churches of America (BNCA), held from June 27 to 29, 2024, concluded with significant recognitions and launches.

Reverend Pastor Abraham Sinchuri and Pastor Phillip Thapa were honored with the Diamonds Award 2024, while Pastor Santosh Ramdam received an accolade for his faith-based movie “Samaliyako Jaati,” awarded Best Movie of the Year 2024. The summit was chaired by Pastor Bhadra Rai.

In addition, writer Purna Biswa launched his innovative web design ministry, aiming to support and enhance the online presence of 100 church websites by 2025 through affordable, reliable, and accessible service at (

The three-day summit featured notable speakers, including Pastor Dr. Manoz Shrestha, Pastor Karna Tirwa, and Pastor Lazarus Thulung, who inspired attendees with their messages. Pastor Yam Siwa also shared his powerful testimony, moving many with his personal journey of faith and resilience.

“The BNCA Summit, known for its transformative impact and inclusive atmosphere, has become a hallmark event that draws individuals from diverse backgrounds,” mentioned BNCA Treasurer Pastor Subash Luhagun.